Teaching Digital Citizenship

Paper: Teaching Digital Citizenship by Fostering Digital Citizens

Authors: Bowen Hui (UBCO)


Digital citizenship is drawing increasing attention in the educational system as a means to help students understand how to use technology in a safe and appropriate way. Crucial skills that students need in order to navigate the digital world effectively include: finding reliable information online, detecting suspicious content, being aware of the privacy policies with information collected online, and taking advantage of what technology offers by participating in a responsible way with others worldwide. Following existing initiatives, this paper reports on our experience with a new Computer Science course on Digital Citizenship. We present the design, objectives, and structure of the course. In describing the various course components, we highlight anecdotes from the first half of the semester demonstrating positive outcomes of the course delivery. Overall, this course is well-liked by the students and has received support from several faculty members in promoting enrollment in their programs.

Full Paper: Teaching Digital Citizenship by Fostering Digital Citizens